Professional Studio Video Light 600 LED Panel


  • High-quality ABS plastic Module
  • Multi-color temperature selection with filters
  • Dimmerable light output
  • 15V works on 110V-230V


Undoubtedly, for clear shooting Professional Studio Video Light 600 LED Panel is the compulsory item. This easily adjustable video light panel is equipped with multiple spotlight LED bulbs that emit quality light. Interestingly, this light source gives appreciable results even if placed 16 ft. away. One can say that it is the perfect lighting source for distant shootings. Moreover, this easily adjustable light panel supports two color temperatures according to your desire. Furthermore, it allows dimmable light emissions.

Above all, the light emission is overall safe. There is no existence of ultraviolet or infrared cancer-causing radiation. Additionally, it gets power by connecting with A/C power through an A/C power adapter. Henceforth, it gives easy and convenient 15V output. The ABS design of the Professional Studio Video Light 600 LED Panel makes it jerk and shock-resistant. If you aim to click photos or record HD video then you must grab this lighting panel now. You can buy it online from the NexGen online shop.

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Features of Professional Studio:

Product Professional Studio Video Light 600 LED Pane
Material ABS
Filters temp 3200K, 5400K per panel
Output power 15 W
Height 6.5 ft. light stand


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