Channel Infrared Remote Control Helicopter

Channel Infrared Remote Control Helicopter


  • RFD 018
  • 2D Full-Flight Rise and Fall,
  • Turns Left and Right, Hover
  • Li-po Battery
  • Quick charge
  • Night Light
  • For Age 4+


We have the perfect amusing toy for your young ones! Channel infrared remote Control Helicopter is a red helicopter that is one of the most popular among children. It allows them to play with it both inside and outside their home. With the use of a remote controller, it is simple to operate. They can fly it forward, backward, left, right, and halt it if necessary.

Furthermore, the helicopter has a lot of turning flexibility, a lot of speed, and it even includes a rechargeable battery. It may be easily moved around the house by the kids without causing any damage. Additionally, this vehicle has a high level of durability. Because it can withstand multiple spins and crashes and maybe driven for an extended amount of time. They will certainly have hours of fun and pleasure with the Channel infrared remote Control Helicopter. While they are chasing their pals and relatives around the house, playing with this fantastic toy racing vehicle.

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