HP2 Bike for Kids

  • Material:  New PPC Plastic
  • Colour: Blue, Red
  • Front Lights: Yes
  • Gear: Reverse & Front with button
  • Battery: 12w/7

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This toy is a fascinating adventure that your children will thoroughly appreciate. HP2 Bike for Kids is one of the most popular motorcycles among kids. It enables people to use it both inside and outside of their house. They can move it forward, backward, left, and right and halt it if required. In addition, the Motorcycle features a lot of turning flexibility, speed, and movable headlamps.

More Detail of HP2 Bike:

Furthermore, this vehicle has a high level of durability. It is safe to use and may be carried about the house by youngsters. Because it can withstand multiple spins and crashes and may be driven for an extended amount of time, they will certainly have hours of fun and entertainment with this Motorcycle. They can play together with their buddies and take turns.

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