Portable Air Blower for Cleaning

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  • Place of origin: Zhejiang, China
  • Rated voltage
  • Application: air blower
  • Pressure: high pressure
  • Power source: electric blower
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Air blower machines are simple, yet effective electrical devices used in homes and industries. They are made to blow away dust from every nook and corner. Because gadgets and electronics have delicate parts, you cannot clean by clots. This is where the Portable Air Blower comes in handy.

This gadget allows you to remove dust with its continuous air pressure. The Portable Air Blower is a durable and efficient machine, therefore helping save a good amount of time and effort consumed in cleaning and dusting tasks. Blowing and extraction features are also part of this gadget.

The way these devices work is an impeller at the center of the air blower sucks air and creates a spiral flow, thus creating a dynamic pressure. This forces the air to flow through a curved path and out of the blower. There are different speed levels are for various kinds of cleaning such as cleaning electronic components or leaves shed in the garden.


  • The rated voltage of the blower is 220V.
  • The place of origin is Zhejiang, China.
  • The model number is B – 1.
  • Application is of an Air Blower.
  • High pressure is available in the gadget.
  • The power source is an electrical blower.
  • The maximum power is 600W.
  • The weight of the device is 1.7 kg.

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  1. 4 out of 5


    The most impressive thing about the blower was its packaging, while opening I had a premium feel. The seals, the plastic bag, especially the red seal on the wire were really impressive.

  2. 5 out of 5

    Zeeshan Shaikh

    Packing was very good and love the product, Totally loved it and I would recommend it to everyone, Thanks NexGen, A cooperative Seller

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