Pebble XS BASS Space Earphones Price in Pakistan


  • Superior Sound Quality
  • Optimal Comfort
  • Built-In Inline Mic
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If you want Pebble XS BASS Space earphones price in Pakistan reasonable, then move to our online store. It also has powerful sound and a built-in mic.

Driver Unit ɸ 12mm
Impedance 32Ω Ohms
Frequency 20-20kHz
Sensitivity -40dB ± 3dB
Cord Length 120cm
Audio Jack 3.5mm


Pebble XS BASS Space earphones price in Pakistan is affordable and present at online store according to your expectations. Earphones are small pieces of equipment that you wear over or inside your ears so that you can listen to music, the radio, or your phone without anyone else hearing.

These earphones come with strong sound, which you can listen to easily without damaging your ears. Moreover, the regular use of these earphones can’t affect your health because plastic earpieces make these through an injection molding process where liquid plastic is injected into a mold.

You do not need to worry about it while sleeping. Earphones are comfortable enough to keep from disrupting you during the night. Listening to music before bed can lower your heart rate and keep your mind from thinking about your daily stressors.

The best earphones for music are built-in mic that is built into the wire near where your mouth will be when you wear your headset. This functionality is ideal if you wear your headphones or earbuds while using devices like your smartphone.

Additionally, in-line controls are frequently included with in-line microphones, allowing you to change the level, take and stop conversations, mute the audio, and skip tracks on your music player or smartphone. If you have earphones for jogging, the type of controls and ease of use can be essential in deciding which to buy.

 More detail

1. Built-In Inline Mic

Built-in microphone for crystal clear communication and integrated button for switching between songs and calls.

2. Modern Design

This designed the Pebble XS-Bass earphone for a holistic audio experience and to look sleek. You can wear it for going outside.


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