Audionic Reborn Rb 95 Price in Pakistan


  • Easy to pair mobile phones
  • Full-function remote control
  • Built-in FM Radio
SKU: rb95-1001


Output Power 80W + 20W x 2
Drive Unit High density 8
Subwoofer 3-inch x 2 satellite
Frequency Response 20Hz ~ 20 KHz
Brand Audionic
Colors Black
Sub-Woofer 6 inches
Warranty 1 year
Built in Remote, LED Display, FM Radio
Built in BT, USB, Micro SD &Aux Port


The reasonable audionic reborn rb 95 price in Pakistan is a great option for your home theater and great for events. The speakers give a full sound experience that makes every detail of the audio clear. They have a stylish color finish and a durable design, meaning they can last long.

They include NFC technology, a 6” sub-woofer, and satellite speakers. These are great for anyone who loves movies and are ideal for home entertainment. The external speaker for led tv comes with a front-facing woofer that stands out in the crowd. It is also Bluetooth-enabled. You can easily pair it with your device.

It features a built-in FM radio and a full-function remote control. The speakers are SD/MMC card-compatible and support USB and Bluetooth playback. The speakers offer eighty-watt and twenty-watt x two-power outputs and have a high-class bass output.

Audionic also delivers a range of multimedia devices that are unique and affordable. The Reborn series includes several smart speakers that enhance sounds according to your preferences and use. They also feature Bluetooth connectivity, which frees you from dealing with wires.

If you are looking for an excellent home theater speaker, the audionic rb 95 is perfect. If you are tired of listening to loud music or watching movies, the RB-95 will deliver the best.

 More detail

1. Audionic Reborn Stylish design

Its stylish design with a color finishing look allows users to experience music with style. Due to its quality features and specifications, it possesses the potential to last for many years.

2. NFC technology

The NFC technology empowers the user to connect and play in style. The 6″ sub-woofer with two Satellite speakers gives you an experience of a lifetime.


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