Orient Violin 55 inch FHD Smart Led Price in Pakistan


  • 8 GB Memory
  • USB 3.0
  • 4K Ultra High Definition
Availability: Out of stock SKU: VIO-UHD-55S


The big screen tv gives you a beautiful look in your living room. This affordable Orient Violin 55 inch FHD Smart led price in Pakistan comes with a 55-inch.

Screen Type Flat
Resolution 3840×2160
Screen Size 55”
Memory 8GB
Screen Screen Share
Wi-fi Yes
Bluetooth: Yes


Orient led tv 55 inch that produces high picture quality as good as it looks. It has fast cast features that help you cast your phone or PC to the TV screen in high picture quality and real-time response. Through 55 inch led dimensions, you can also play your phone’s videos, music, or pictures on the TV.

With the Android-enabled Violin 50S UHD Black, you will watch all your favorite dramas and movies. Moreover, the Orient Violin 55 inch FHD Smart led price in Pakistan is reasonable. This Smart TV comes with 8GB memory with DDR3 of RAM. Its 2160p Ultra High-Definition picture quality and DTS surround sound bar.

You can therefore watch whatever you like. It’ll take you somewhere beyond reality. So, please sit back and relax as Violin’s 55-inch gigantic screen, combined with its other features, unravels an entire universe of entertaining possibilities.

More information:

1. Audio and Video Formats

Orient 55 Inch Violin FHD Smart LED TV (55S) has unique functions and a perfect appearance. LED is embedded with different audio and video formats to support any video and audio for a perfect match.

The machinery supports the MPEG, mp3, and Avi formats for quality audio. 55 Inch Violin FHD Smart LED TV (55S) supports mpeg1, mp4, mpeg2, dat, Flv, Mkv, UHD, 3pg, avi, 4K, mob, and other high-resolution Avi files.

2. Built-in Technologies

The LED has a widescreen with a rich color display. Using the setup option, you can change the display, audio tone, video mode, HDMI screens, screen sharing, and many other things.

Built-in Wi-fi provides an instant internet connection, YouTube, Netflix, and other streaming options. You can easily use social media, read online, and surf the internet with high-speed performance.


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