Optiview Projector Screen Price in Pakistan


  • Brand: Optiview
  • Supported Resolution: 1080P
  • Mount Type: Wall and Ceiling
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Optiview Projector Screen Prices in Pakistan has reasonable according to its expectations. A projection screen comprises a surface and a support system to show an audience a projected image. A projection screen is a large reflective surface, usually white, typically hung on a wall in a room at some distance in front of any digital for entertainment, training, education, or sales presentation. The main requirement for materials to be used as screens is a high level of reflection. A new stylish, good-looking projector screen wall mount comes with a 6*6 screen size. It has a 1:1 screen width which you can see your project easily. It has a high-quality multi-layered matte which prevents the screen from lighting. Optiview Projector Screen Price in Pakistan is less expensive, attracting more audience to buy them.

It has easy to use. The projector screen is most suitable for home theatre, business, and classrooms. The quality screen is smooth, transitioning into desired height. It has universally ideal for most led LCDs. It provides outstanding image production while in the meeting, and business class gives clear images from all angles. You can use it for many conferences.

More About Optiview Projector Screen:

1. Material used

The best option for your projector screen is a blackout cloth or a real projector screen. Other materials will function, although with some quality loss. The best blackout material is affordable, absorbs projector light, and improves color contrast.

2. Made up

The best material for a projector screen is white blackout cloth since it absorbs light while also maintaining a bright and vivid image — making it the ideal surface to project onto.


Manual Projection Screen 70″X70″ square
Widescreen Format 1:1
Easy ceiling Yes
Stand availability Strong


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