Audionic MEHFIL MH 808


  • Weight:           15 kg
  • Bluetooth:        yes
  • USB Input:      YES
  • Remote Control:         Yes
  • AUX Input:     Yes
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Audionic presents the best mehfil speakers with Audionic mehfil mh 808 that accompanies the remote mic. MH-808 is a battery-powered speaker with a durable battery that makes it worth using at your mehfils. Audionic speakers mehfil has the the best quality sound framework that gives your mehfil pride. audionic mehfil speakers price in Pakistan are of different rates.

Audionic mehfil mh 808 has the best quality feature that will bring in the quality sound. It likewise has the implicit FM radio, USB and AUX upheld. Audionic is pushing out Mehfil MH 808 with covered by overall guideline sound quality and wonderful plan. The remote controller offers the full capability for changing/changing media and levels. The Bluetooth support element can interface the speaker with any Bluetooth-empowered gadget. In addition, you can play MP3 records straight by connecting a USB.

Audionic speakers mehfil has an out-put force of 8 Watts that gives the sufficient capacity to your Mehfils, Taraweeh, Gatherings, Family capabilities. Further, develop your requested game plan and association with HD sound level. For further details contact us.


Weight            15 kg

Bluetooth        yes

USB Input      YES

Remote Control         Yes

AUX Input     Yes

FM Radio       Yes

Wireless Mic  Yes

Delay  Yes

Echo   Yes

Repeat            Yes

Rechargeable speaker          YES

Mic Port         YES

Pros and cons

·         Wireless·         Noise or dead
·         Remote control 


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