Foldable P9 Wireless Bluetooth Headphones


  • The frequency range of 20-20KHz
  • Maximum power input of  50mW
  • 5 hrs playtime due to powerful li- pol battery
  • Comfier ear and head fitting experience
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Magical Foldable P9 Wireless Bluetooth Headphones have a bunch of styles and features here. These sleekly designed wireless headphones have a high-frequency range of 20-20KHz that produces quality stereo sounds. Undoubtedly, P9 wireless Bluetooth headphones are a true manifestation of technology. These headphones detect the removal and fixing of the head. As you remove the headphones from your head audio is paused. Similarly, when the headphones are fixed again audio resumes.

Uniquely, headphones support the TF card, FM radio, and AUX cable. Moreover, one can easily control the volume of calls which gives another level of comfort. Quality design, superb stereo sound, and large playtime are what else you desire.

These headphones are available in a variety of colors, so, you choose the color of your choice. Now, you can enjoy stable Bluetooth connectivity while working out in a gym. The powerful li-polymer battery of Foldable P9 Wireless Bluetooth Headphones increases the play and talk time by up to 5 hrs. Additionally, the comfier itching and sweat-resistant headphones let you enjoy music, gaming, and much entertainment for a longer time. Comfier and perfectly fitting over-ear and head as well!

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Features of Magical Foldable P9:

Product Bluetooth wireless headphones
Model P-9
Bluetooth 4.2
Range 10 m
Connectors 3.5 mm
Frequency range 20-20KHz
Speaker diameter 40 mm
Impedance 32 ohms
Power input 50mW
Sound pressure 108dB±3dbPower
Music time 5 hrs
Charging time 2hrs


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