Flex Waterproof Tape Price in Pakistan


  • Strong Rubberized Waterproof tape
  • Super-strong adhesive
  • Thick rubberized backing


To fix, patch, bond, seal, and repair anything Super Strong Adhesive Waterproof Flex Tape is the only situation. The Flex Waterproof Tape Price in Pakistan is very minimal. Above all, it stops moisture, air, and water to reach in. Moreover, one can apply it even underwater. It is called super strong flex tape because it resists weather pressures.

Fix the broken glass in a while if you have Super Strong Adhesive Waterproof Flex Tape at home. So, use this waterproof flex tape on plasticized materials, greasy, oily, dirty, or porous surfaces, waterproof materials, and fabrics. It comes up with 4-inches width and 5-ft length so one can repair any big surface with a single roll. Whether you want a black seal or white there is a stock of it.

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Product  Super Strong Adhesive Waterproof Flex Tape
Color White and black
Size  4 Inch x 5 ft


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