Flash Diffuser 50×50 CM SoftBox


  • Provides Greater Light that is very even
  • Light Weight and easy to use
  • Light Angle Adjustable
  • Light Weight to Move Anywhere
  • Universal Metal Ring
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This is a portable and versatile softbox designed for speedlites and flashes with a hotshot. The softbox comes standard with an adjustable L-Shaped mounting bracket which can fit practically any flash unit. By diffusing the flash lighting, the softbox creates a perfect and even lighting that allows you to capture picture-perfect shots. It will also reduce blemishes and improve skin tone contrast while delivering super rich coloring, it’s everything you need to produce studio like photography on a more professional level. It also comes includes a carrying bag so you can take this convenient and effective combination to create the desired results you want anywhere you go!

Collapsible L-Shaped Mounting Bracket:

  • Fully adjustable to accommodate almost all speedlites with hotshots
  • Built-in metal ring with heat output holes for connecting to the softbox
  • Able to connect to tripod stand (not included) or be put on a studio table
  • Adjustable height, max. 8″ from the center point of the metal ring to the horizontal bracket
  • Inner Diameter of Metal Ring: 3-1/2″
  • Outer Diameter of Metal Ring: 6″


  • This is a portable and versatile softbox designed for speedlites and flashes with a hotshot
  • Matching 21″ x 21″ white cover that is adjustable to soften flashes and remove shadows, thereby improving image quality.
  • Built-in Four-side Light Reflectors which are perfect for concentrating light.
  • High quality nylon construction

Carrying Case:

Able to hold softbox and all associated accessories

Protects your equipment from dirt, water, and other unwanted materials


Compatible with Most flashes with a hotshoe
Nikon Sb800 Sb600 Sb80DX SB28DX
Canon 580EXII 580EX 550EX 540EZ 430EXII 430EX
Pentax AF540FGZ AF360FGZ
Olympus F50R F50 F36R F36
-Softbox Case 9.5″ diameter


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