Flash Diffuser 46cm Hexagonal SoftBox


  • Softbox made of environmental nylon
  • Framework made of glass/resin fiber
  • Chuck made of ABS, making the softbox very lightweight
  • With standard hot shoe mount
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Main features:

  1. Softbox made of environmental nylon, framework made of glass/resin fiber, chuck made of ABS, making the softbox very lightweight, and the total weight including cloth bag is only around 400g; stainless steel slide, brass hot shoe mount and screw rod, with 8cm slide rail, making the flash holder very strong and good touch feeling.
  2. Smart design, easy to assemble and disassemble, only need to press 6 struts into the right slot, and it’ll lock automatically, sliding switch to unlock it.
  3. The diameter of the softbox is around 46cm, the depth is around 27.5cm; the inner surface is fine reflecting coating, with even reflective effect; chuck is round, with flash head opening of 8.5cm in diameter, suitable for most speedlite flashes.


Canon 600EX / 580EX II / 580EX / 550EX / 540EZ / 430EX II / 430EX / 420EZ / 380EX
Nikon SB910 / SB900 / SB800 / SB700 / SB600 / SB80DX / SB28 / SB26 / SB24
Sony F60M / F43M


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