Ecostar 55 Inch Led – CX-55UD963


  • Latest Android 11
  • Color: Black
  • Display Size: 55 inch
  • LED Type: 4K-UHD



Brand  Ecostar
Model CX-55UD963
Size 55 inch
Resolution 3840 X 2160
HDR 10
Bluetooth V5.1
OS Android 11
Remote Control Yes
Power Supply AC 100-240V
Speaker 2x8w

Main description:

The Ecostar 55 inch led – CX-55UD963 is an excellent addition to any home entertainment setup. Its gorgeous display and cutting-edge features give you an outstanding viewing experience. This ecostar cx 55ud963 led is a proof of Ecostar’s dedication to offering its clients value and quality. The stunning 55-inch LED screen of the CX-55UD963 is one of its best features. This LED TV makes everything on the screen come to life with its full HD resolution and vibrant color scheme.

Whether you watch your favorite TV series, films, or sports events because of the superb visual quality, it runs on a user-friendly interface that offers access to a wide range of apps. With the CX-55UD963, connectivity is fine. ecostar cx 55ud963 comes with multiple HDMI and 2 USB ports, allowing you to connect your gaming console, or other devices easily. 

There’s also built-in Wi-Fi so that you can watch entertainment without the hassle of cables. Ecostar cx 55ud963  audio quality is equally impressive, thanks to its powerful built-in speakers. Whether watching an action-packed movie or enjoying your favorite music, the sound is clear and immersive, improving the viewing experience. A premium Ecostar 55 inch led – CX-55UD963 with outstanding connectivity options, smart features, and stunning picture quality is the Ecostar CX-55UD963.

This ecostar cx 55ud963 TV will surely improve your home entertainment experience, whether you’re a sports fan, movie buff, or casual viewer. Nexgen consistently delivering you quality products that cater to the needs and desires of modern consumers. At Nexgen you can find ecostar led 55 inch price in pakistan 2023 at affordable prices.


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