Ecostar 32 inch smart LED (CX-32U870)


  • 1366 x 768 resolution
  • 2 HDMI port
  • 150W power consumption



Brand Ecostar
Model CX-32U870
Size 32-inch
Resolution 1366 x 768
Bluetooth Yes
Power consumption 150W
Power Cable Yes
Dolby Audio 5.1 Surround Yes

Main description

This Ecostar 32-inch smart LED (CX-32U870) boasts a frameless design that allows you to enjoy visually beautiful movies, programs, podcasts, and dramas without any interruptions. Furthermore, the wall mount bracket and base stand provide you the freedom to choose whatever you desire. This frameless LED TV 32-inch has many features and characteristics.

Frameless design, 1366 x 768 screen resolution, Mali 450 quad-core, Android 9.0, built-in Wi-Fi, and LAN are among the qualities and characteristics. Furthermore, it contains built-in Google Play apps as well as preinstalled ones such as Netflix, YouTube, Prime Video, and Google Play. It also offers parental control and the ability to establish a favorite channel list with Google Assistant and Google Chromecast.

It includes a base stand, a wall mount bracket, and an instruction booklet. You may have easy access to endless entertainment from this Ecostar 32-inch smart LED (CX-32U870). With the help of a remote, you can manage everything on this Ecostar cx 32u870. Dolby Digital provides the most realistic audio experience possible, with indistinguishable sound quality and clarity. Immerse yourself in the beauty of lifelike images with bright colors, a wide range of hues, and high resolution.

Enjoy a complete wireless experience on a whole new level by connecting up to 5 devices, from speakers and gamepads to headphones and mobile phones. The connecting options are well specified, allowing you to connect a USB and two HDMI connectors. Aside from that, the sound quality of this Ecostar cx 32u870 TV is fantastic. So you can have a good time.


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