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The digital prayer mat in Pakistan is available online at Nexgen. This Salah Mat makes it fun, easy, and interactive, encouraging children to perform their prayers. It is a constant struggle to get children to learn how to pray with the correct recitation of the words and all the different movements. This salah mat can be incredibly challenging for younger children to grasp for the first time. Now it can be a fun and enjoyable task with this digital prayer mat in Pakistan. You can quickly turn on the volume and recite the words of the prayer after the speaker.

The directions and movements which can appear extremely difficult for children will be outlined. By repeating salah with this mat, your children will surely pick up the correct way to say their salah. It will also make it a fun experience. It is an excellent use of the new technology we have in our world. You can now invest in the future of your children’s learning so that they are ready to perform salah when they come of age.

Digital prayer mat in Pakistan reduces the stress and worries many parents have in this day and age and how they will get their children to read salah and take an interest in what they are saying. With this specialized product made especially for this use, you can sit back and learn with them as they go through the whole process quickly. You can fold it up and take it everywhere with you. You can also browse through other products to help boost your children’s learning.

Features of Digital Prayer Mat:

Portable: Take it with you everywhere you go.

Volume: Adjust the volume according to the surroundings.

Main Functions

Portable  Take it with you everywhere you go
Volume Adjust the volume according to the surroundings

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