Bloody G300 price in Pakistan


  • 2.2 m length
  • 32-ohm impedance
  • 50-16,000 Hz mic frequency
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Brand Bloody
Model G300
Mic Frequency Response 50-16,000 Hz
Mic Sensitivity -58 dB
Headset Sensitivity 100 dB
Headset frequency response 20-20000 Hz
Impedance 32 ohm
Driver Unit 40 mm
Length 2.2 m

Main description

Gaming headphones offer a convenient way to play games and communicate with teammates and friends. The bloody g300 gaming headset is made of premium components for maximum comfort, especially after extended computing adventures. The elegant appearance of this mic will impress even the pickiest players. When it comes to quality or comfort, Bloody never compromises. The advanced earcups minimize all noises and provide comfort even during extended listening sessions.

This headphone has gold-plated 3.5 mm audio connectors, which offer the highest sound precision and clarity. To ensure the most comfortable fit and prevent outside noise from entering the headset, soft memory foam and a leather finish combine to fill in gaps below the ear. If you want to know the Bloody g300 price in Pakistan, visit our website.

To give the highest sound accuracy and clarity while avoiding uneven sound like other headsets on the market, dual sound chambers have been add to each ear cup of this Bloody g300 price in Pakistan. High-end noise reduction and a hypersensitive microphone enable crystal-clear player chat. Magnets made of NdFeB and a high-tension CCAW coil are found inside the 40 mm speaker of this bloody g300 gaming headset.

A unique diaphragm with laser trimming provides incredibly accurate. Suspended soft leather headband with a secure fit and minimal stress during use, cleverly created for various types of head shapes. Reduced background noise is achieve through noise cancellation, a feature of headphones. In other words, noise cancellation enables you to focus on what you’re listening to while minimizing outside noise distraction. Nexgen shop gives you the best Bloody g300 price in Pakistan.


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