Baseus Wireless Display Adapter Meteorite Shimmer


  • 4G+5G dual-mode connection
  • 4K/30Hz screen resolution
  • Video resolutions up to 1080p
  • Supports large screen resolution
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Brand Baseus
Material ABS
Output interface HDMI
Screen resolution 4K/30Hz
Wi-Fi model 2.4G+5G
Cable length 100mm
Size 64x52x23mm

More Detail

Now, turn your small phone screen into a bigger one with the support of the Baseus wireless display adapter meteorite shimmer 4K TV Dongle. With help of the HDMI interface connect smaller screens to the cinematic one. Not only you can enjoy streaming on the large display but also play gaming with more energy. Moreover, it supports multi-screen monitoring as it allows the connectivity of 8 devices. So, you can chat freely on your smartphone without any interruption on the big TV screen.

Above all, Baseus wireless display adapter meteorite shimmer features a dual-band WiFi (2.4GHz-5.8GHz) connection. So, one can enjoy stable and fast connectivity at home or the office. Thus, say goodbye to small screens and transform them all into huge TV screens. Now, enjoy movies, sports as well as gaming on the large display.

Buy Baseus wireless HDMI TV adapter that comes in a shiny and durable design. Also, its 100 mm tangle-free cable supports the fastest connectivity between two devices. So, browse the biggest marketplace, NexGen to get superior products every time you need them. Undoubtedly, NexGen is a hub of all IT products and accessories that are shipped countrywide within a short time.


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