Baseus Smart Bluetooth Selfie Stick 360° Rotation


  • 360° infinite horizontal rotation
  • Facial recognition software
  • 0v Bluetooth support
  • Automatic shooting
  • 3-second delay self-timer
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Stream and trend higher with Baseus Smart Bluetooth Selfie Stick 360° Rotation. These unique selfie sticks as well as a wireless tripod that is equipped with unlimited stunning features. It fulfills the photography and vlogging needs that you direly expect from selfie-sticks. Above all are its 360° infinite horizontal rotation and horizontal/vertical shooting. You can also adjust it downward as well as upward up to 37 degrees.  Also, intelligent Al supports automating clicking with 5 seconds of delay time.

Moreover, it features face recognition and beauty software. So, you may click or stream with a quality image. Furthermore, it features powerful wireless Bluetooth version 5.0 for stable images and video sharing. Besides, Baseus Smart Bluetooth Selfie Stick 360° Rotation always makes your spotlight in the group by your face-tracking. Additionally, this easily operated sturdy, and lightweight selfie stick is easily portable in a bag.  So, easily carry it along with you for tours.

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Brand Baseus
Color Black
Wireless version 5.0
Applicable width of phones 56-87mm
Horizontal rotation 360°
Longitudinal upward rotation 37°
Longitudinal downward rotation 37°
Load capacity 280g


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