Baseus Starlight PowerBank 20000mah 22.5w Black


  • The battery capacity of 20000 mAh
  • 0+QC3.0 Two-way Quick Charge
  • LED Digital Display Screen
  • 5W High Power Quick Charge
  • Three Inputs and Three Outputs
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Indeed, Baseus starlight powerbank 20000mah 22.5w is the best Power Bank for long road trips. This has a huge battery capacity.

It is equipped with three ports by which it charges your devices equally. Moreover, its PD port feeds other Power Banks. Not only smartphones but Baseus starlight powerbank 20000mah 22.5w charge laptops and tablets in less time.

This elegant black Power Bank has support for hanging so can you can pull and hang it easily. So, make your road trips worry-free. Because now you can charge your devices on go. Its LED display would inform you about its charging status so you can charge the bank in a while. Then, charge the rest of the devices for a longer.

Undoubtedly, you want to enjoy work and traveling then this Baseus tool is for you. Thus, visit one of the largest business hubs, NexGen. Don’t forget to scratch the website for more trendy tools.


Brand Baseus
Model  PPXCA
Color Black and White
Material  PC + ABS
Battery 20000mAh / 3.7V 74Wh
Cell type li-polymer
Average capacity 12000mAh
Conversion > 75%
PD 18 W
IP | 5V-2A, 9V-2A
Micro | IP  5V-2A, 9V-2A
Type-C| IP  5V-3A, 5.5V-3A (SCP), 9V-2A
USB1 | OP  4.5V-5A, 5V-4.5A, 5V-3A, 9V-2A, 12V-1.5A
USB2 | OP 4.5V-5A, 5V-4.5A, 5V-3A, 9V-2A, 12V-1.5A
Type-C |OP 5V-3A, 9V-2A, 12V-1.5A
Compatibility iPhone/Samsung/Huawei and other smartphones and tablets
LED Display Yes
weight .210 kg


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