Baseus Power Bank 10000mAh 30W Fast Charger


  •  Fast Charge Your Phone, Even the Laptop
  •  Palm-Sized and Portable Power Bank
  •  Small but Powerful
  •  Recharge in a Flash
  •  Airline Approved



Brand  Baseuse
Model  PPAD040001
Capacity  1000mAh
Maximum power 30W
Fast charge SCP, Power Delivery, Quick Charge, FCP, AFC
connection 2 x USB(Output), USB Type C (input / Output)
LED screen Built-in
Color  Black 

More Detail:

Representing the best solution to stay connected to the world without worry of running out of battery is Baseus Power Bank 10000mAh 30W Fast Charger. This power bank allows your smart devices to stay juiced up for 24 hours to make you more productive.

Having Baseus Power Bank 10000mAh battery capacity helps you to charge your smartphones multiple times. It contains fast charging technology so that you don’t need to wait any longer to carry it with you. If you charge at a 5V/1A power adopter it takes 10 hours to charge completely. But if you use a 5V/2A adaptor it takes 10 hours.

Baseus 30w 10000mah has universal compatibility that helps to charge all of your rechargeable devices including laptops, earbuds, smartphones, and many more. It has 4 output ports that can charge 4 devices at the same time. Baseus 10000mah 30w has a sleek look, unique and sophisticated design, lightweight. And portability that allows you to carry it without feeling any weight inside your pocket.

Baseus Power Bank 10000mAh provides security from voting up and heat up or any other internal damage. It protects the battery health of the phone and the power bank itself. If you are a frequent traveler, a professional, or a student seeking durability, efficiency. And reliability in one product, Baseus Power Bank 10000mA is the best pick ever.


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