Baseus Power Bank 65w 20000mAh


  • 65W High Power
  • Colossal Capacity
  • Simultaneous 3-Device Charge
  • Metal casing design for heat dissipating
  • 60W Recharge
  • Universal Compatibility



Brand Baseus
Battery  Polymer Lithium Battery
Capacity  2000mAh / 74Wh
Wattage  65W
Energy conversion rate  More than 75%
Output ports 1 x USB-C + 2x USB-A
Recharging time 2 hours
Inputs Micro ( 5v = 2A:9V =2A: 12V = 1.5A), Type-C (5v – 3A: 9V – 3A: 12V – 3A: 15V – 3A: 20V – 3A)
Size  15.4 x 6.5 x 2.7cm
Weight  447g

More Detail:

Uplifting your work experience with Baseus power bank 65w 20000mah, a reliable partner, with long-lasting battery capacity and fast recharging ability. It can charge your devices, iPhone, laptops, smartwatch, earbuds, and more every time with its ultimate 20000mah battery capacity USB-C.

With Baseus 20000mah 65w your all rechargeable devices multiple times due to its 20000mah battery capacity and 65w total output. Due to its fast rechargeable technology, it can charge your devices at the speed of light. And make them ready to go with you. If you are a traveler, a professional, or doing remote work, Baseus Star-Lord Power Bank is the perfect companion that allows you to be more productive without worrying about battery.

Baseus 20000mah power bank 65w security from heating your phone and protects itself from heat-up and volt-up. The main feature that makes it more demanding is its compatibility, it is compatible with almost all smart rechargeable devices. It can charge up to 3 to 4 devices simultaneously. Baseus power bank 65w 20000mah sleek look, small size, lightweight, and long life make it pocket friendly and its affordable price makes it wallet-friendly. 


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