Baseus car charger price in Pakistan (S09A)


  • Bluetooth V4.2
  • 4A Output current
  • 5-108MHz frequency



Use voltage DC 12-24V
Output current 3.4A
Bluetooth version V4.2
FM frequency 87.5-108MHz
Bluetooth distance 5-10m
FM emission distance 3-5m

Main description:

The baseus car charger is based on humanized design, and the quality of the product is also excellent. The t typed Bluetooth mp3 charger has a 3.4A output current. It provides you with an exciting thing and is time-consuming. You can connect four devices at the same time without any worry. It also has Bluetooth V4.2, which gives you fast transmission and covers Bluetooth distances of 5-10m. The baseus car charger price in Pakistan (S09A) is budget-friendly.

Nexgen shop guarantees trouble-free delivery from when you place your order until your parcel is delivered to your home. Nexgen is aware of the dangers of Pakistani internet shopping. If you want a car charger, then check the website of Nexgen. They have a lot of variety; you will love them. The baseus car charger price in Pakistan (S09A) is affordable on our website.

More details:

1. Bluetooth V4.2

Bluetooth V4.2’s speed is 250% faster and reliable over-the-air data transmission. In addition, it uses less power and covers a distance of 5-10m.

2. 3.4A faster charger

The baseus car charger is faster; it can charge two devices at the same time.


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