Baby clothes storage cupboards


  • Size: 32 inches width, 47 inches height, 18 inches depth
  • Ideal for storing kids clothes and toys
  • Size ideal for small spaces
  • Durable & long-lasting
  • Best quality
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We at NexGen have the perfect baby clothes storage cupboards for all the new parents out there who need a space to store baby clothes, toys, books, and other products. This unit is specially designed with Kids Doraemon/Spider-Man designs on the cupboard that your kids love to keep their toys and clothes in. These cupboards are a beautiful and sturdy piece of furniture that you can keep using for an extended period.

Baby clothes storage cupboards will also be fantastic to tidy up their rooms so that everything is in its place and you are not going crazy looking for their books, toys, and clothes. These cupboards come with three sections inside on the left and a hanging section on the right.

The size of these cupboards is 32 inches in width, 47 inches in height, 18 inches in depth. You can easily measure your space to find the perfect spot for these in your children’s room! Get these now at excellent prices from the NexGen shop to furnish and brighten up the rooms and spaces of your children so that everything in your house stays clean and tidy! Visit the NexGen Shop for more items for your children!


Size: 32 inches width, 47 inches height, 18 inches depth

Ideal for: storing kids clothes and toys

Size: suitable for small spaces


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