Plum 10ft trampoline jumping mat


  • Ideal for Kids
  • Easy and Safe To Use
  • Convenient Design for Kids
  • Easy to Move and Disassemble
  • Easy to Assemble


This trampoline is a fantastic product for kids who love to play outside. This Plum 10ft trampoline jumping mat is the perfect product to get for your children so that they can enjoy and learn how to jump around and do new tricks. This trampoline keeps children entertained for long periods without them sitting in their rooms all day long.

Plum 10ft trampoline jumping mat is big enough to accommodate many kids at a time so that children can play with their siblings and friends. It is entirely safe because of the net on the outside. The children can quickly enter through the door and then zip the net back up, so there is total protection.

You can easily collapse it so that You can store the trampoline inside during harsh weather as well as if you want to move it to another place. It contains a manual to show detailed instructions on assembling this trampoline. How to build the trampoline is demonstrated in different steps in picture format. It is easy for you to understand and refer to. Browse through the NexGen shop for related products.

Features of Jumping mat:

  • Ideal for Kids: highly recommended for children to bounce in their ways to enjoy their entertaining time.
  • Safety Use: padded protective frame and net prevent kids from being injured while jumping or playing on it.
  • Design: The entrance net door is convenient for your kids to go in and out. The zipper on the door also offers dual protection while they playing inside.
  • Easy to Move and Disassemble: The trampoline has lightweight so it is convenient for each family to carry and move. It is also easy for you to store because its collapsible design is convenient for you to disassemble the trampoline and help you save your home space.


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