Average TV size for bedroom

Average TV Size for Bedroom Comfort: Find Your Perfect Fit

TV is the need of the hour not only for entertainment purposes but also for staying aware of the everyday happening in the world. For more exclusive results, the screen size of the TV and as well as quality is the primary need. 

You are sitting in your small bedroom and a huge LED screen is popping up with thrilling actions you wouldn’t be able to absorb the scene. Contrary, you are sitting holding popcorn in the home theater where a standard 32″ LED TV is on with some rom-com, you are just wasting time and a bucket of popcorn! Televised is not all about the quality picture and mesmerizing sound but the size of the place to be installed is also meters a lot.

Having a big TV with the latest LED TV technology and high resolution is not always enough to enjoy the mesmerizing experience non non-stop entertainment. You cannot enjoy the ongoing reality shows or movies in your bedroom with the big TV. When you are planning to purchase the TV for your bedroom, know the size of your room as well as the distance of the TV from your bed and couch. People also for their preferences, they love the bigger screen even in a contested room. If you have a small bedroom, go for the small screen. Usually average TV size for  bedroom is always betwixt 32 -and 40 inches.

Best TV size for room

Best TV size for room

The best TV size for a room solely does not depend on the size of the room but also on the kind of material, you watch. If you love to watch movies, sports, or rocking reality shows, a big-size TV is perfect for your room. On the other hand, if you love to watch news channels average size TV might be an ideal choice for you. Bedrooms have less area than lounge, home theatre, and kitchen, therefore average size TV is the best. Usually, the average TV size for bedroom is 32″ to 43″ to avoid the overwhelming viewing experience in an insufficient place.

How do choose a TV size?

You are sitting in front of a huge screen; undoubtedly, it will cause eyestrain and headache as well. To avoid this pain, it is important to select a suitable screen size as well as maintain the distance between your sitting and TV mount. People who are a beginner in purchasing a TV according to their room or lounge setting always stay puzzled about how to choose the TV size. The choice of TV size becomes easier if you know the place you are choosing the TV for.


If you are one of those who love to enjoy watching their favorite TV show while sitting on a comfy cozy couch with a cup of tea in their bedroom then a standard LED TV is perfect for you. The average TV size for bedroom is 32-43 inches. If you have a large bedroom, you can extend the screen size to 50 inches as well. It is suggested that although bedrooms have small areas compared to the TV lounge or living room, small small-sized TV is ideal to avoid the unclear and overwhelming picture.

Living room

Do you belong to that family where all members sit and enjoy a specific TV show or enjoy the movie night together? If yes then you must have to choose the large size TV. The living room is bigger than the bedroom. In the living room, the distance of the LED TV is enough from the sitting that allows you to view the picture more clearly. The family gathering will be enjoyed more if the TV is OLED and 4k HD quality. For having nonstop fun, the size of the TV in the living room should be 75 inches or more.


If you are a new chef and follow the expert recipes of cooking shows then it is better to install the TV in the kitchen. Many Home chefs love to cook while watching the exciting recipes and dining decor to improve the kitchen environment. Are you looking for a TV for a kitchen that should be a perfect fit in your small cooking range? Then never look for a widescreen LED. The best-suggested size for the kitchen is 24 inches and 32 inches. Before purchasing the TV for the kitchen, ensure that it does not cover more space on the shelf or wall. Also, set the TV in a position that does not cause hindrance in seeing the whole kitchen.


Once in a student’s life, all experience the life of a dorm. Furnished small room with desk and the best furniture and average monitor size PC or TV either adjusted on the TV stand, TV mount, or table end. As the dormitory rules and regulations are always strict, the rules about picking the TV are also strict. Then how to pick the TV size for the dorm? The dorm has a small area, congested with beds and other furniture; therefore for picking the TV for the dorm keep the seating arrangement, viewing angle, and distance in mind. Typically, the ideal TV size for a dorm is 32-43 inches same as the average TV size for bedroom.

Home theater

Home theater

To enjoy the weekend movie night or any sports or gaming program with family and friends, home theatre is the only place. Some enthusiasts dedicate the Home portion to setting the Home theater. All this is possible only with the big LED screen. In the past, a Home theater projector was commonly used for experiencing the clear picture in the dark. Now, the huge size TV, 70 to 100 inches are installed in the big Hall for this purpose. Big home theater, gives the feel of theatre if it has Dolby audio vision features.

The crisp and clear sounds excite me more while watching the thrill. Big screen TVs for theater or conference rooms have widescreen and an aspect ratio of 16:9 that allows the display of mesmerizing quality. To improve the sound quality, Surround sound, a set of multiple speakers is used in this regard.
Some factors allow also help you to pick the best TV size.

Room layout

How the furniture is arranged in your room and what is the Seating arrangement in your room? The room layout is directly related to the red size of the TV. If you have a congested room, the small-sized LED TV is the best. If the room is bigger and the seating arrangement is highly scattered then the large-screen TV is the best choice.

Field of view

To have the full entertainment setup at home, along with the room size you must know the field of view. The field of view is the angle that allows you to view the screen without moving your head. The larger the TV size, the greater the field of view. Different size of the TV has different FOVs but 30-36 degrees is recommended by the experts.

TV size by viewing distance

TV size by viewing distanceWhile choosing the TV viewing distance is also important to consider. Undoubtedly, the bigger and the closer TV improves the picture quality. However, the size of the room as well as the distance you are watching from is also highly important. It is normal that if you sit so close to the TV, it will cause strain and distract you. On the other hand, if you are sitting too far away from the TV screen you would also fail to enjoy the immersive experience of the quality display. Therefore, before picking the TV know the distance between your eyes and the screen for the best viewing experience. 

The viewing distance of the TV depends upon the TV size. These two factors are directly related to each other. The viewing distance chart can help you the best in this regard

TV size in inches

Viewing distance in feet

40 5 – 8.5
50 6.5 – 10.5
60 7.5 – 12.5
70 9 – 14.5
80 10 – 16.5

Picking the appropriate viewing distance, you can spend good money on the TV. Remember that big is not always better!


ResolutionPicture quality is the other factor that assists you in picking the TV according to your room size. The average TV for the bedroom has 4K image quality. 4K TVs offer crisp and clear picture quality. For the bigger bedroom, living room, or mini theatre, these high-resolution TVs are the best. In a place where viewing distance is large, a 50+ inches TV is the best. The bigger-sized TVs are usually equipped with OLED and QLED technology that support a resolution above 4k which offers a mesmerizing display of contrast and colors with a fast response and refresh rate.

On the other hand, Full HD TVs also offer awesome features for the room but are not better than the 4k TVs. If you are looking for a TV for the kitchen or just for news purposes, HD TVs with sizes between 24 and 43 might be the perfect choice. If you are fond of good picture quality and mesmerizing sound, don’t hesitate to spend more money buying a quality 4k TV. Also, keep the area of your space and mounting angle in view to enjoy the nonstop fun to the fullest. 

Personal preference

It doesn’t matter which TV brand is selling the superb TV of which size when your personal preference and needs come in the way. If you are a gaming enthusiast or action movie lover, you would pick the biggest TV size. Widescreen TV has a 4k or 8k resolution that gives a more improved viewing experience from a distance. On the other hand, if you live in a small bedroom or looking for a TV for your kitchen, obvious you would love to have an average TV for bedroom and kitchen.

Recommended TV sizes

For an immersive viewing experience, the TV dimensions matter. In other words, the size of the TV and, the latest LED technology such as resolution and Blu-ray matter a lot. According to the experts, the bigger LED TV has more advanced features than the small-sized TV. Choosing the ideal TV size for the living space is always crucial. Therefore, if you are planning to purchase the TV you must follow guidelines regarding this. A comprehensive LED TV guide can assist to lot regarding the picking the ideal TV size. Before making a purchase either look at the chart or measure your installation site according to the TV size. Here are some recommended TV sizes for different rooms located in your home.



Living room 55 to 75 inches
Bedroom 32 to 43 inches
Kitchen 32 to 43 inches
Home theater 75 to 100 inches
Apartment 32 to 55 inches

Bigger and more expensive is not always better, choose the one that fits perfectly into your entertainment setup properly.


To have a more immersive viewing experience on your couch, the average TV size for bedroom is the best. The TV for the small room has a size range between 32″ to 43″. Once the bigger monitor size was the priority of all but now for the better viewing experience the size of the TV is picked according to the size of the space. For bedroom and kitchen size LED TVs are picked. However, for the living room, and home theater a bigger TV is selected. Along with size , HD quality, viewing angle, viewing distance, and aspect ratio are always considered. Choose the best TV by keeping your room size, personal preference, entertainment needs, and budget before investing in the bigger display.


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