Audionic mh 75 price in Pakistan


  • Wireless Mic
  • USB Supported
  • Rechargeable battery


The Audionic mh 75 price in Pakistan comes with power base technology. It delivered a high crystal sound.


Drive Unit 15 inches subwoofer + Tweeter
USB Ports Yes
Battery Capacity Up to 4-6 hours
Battery Rechargeable
Power RMS 50 W
Wireless Mic 2x anchor priority mics
Bluetooth Supported Yes
Free Speaker Stand Yes
Back load Yes
FM radio Yes


Audionic mehfil speakers offer a sturdy build, easy to carry. It is a loud, balanced sound portable speaker. The Audionic wireless speaker with a microphone makes you more comfortable with fast buttons. Moreover, wireless mics type of Bluetooth speakers is available at Audionic. Audionic mh 75 price in Pakistanis affordable for every user, which they can buy from our online store.

It has a USB port availability which you can easily play anything of your favorite from the USB. This is portable and lightweight, making it simple to move. It is especially used in mosques and other party events because this delivers a clear and loud voice. It is made of a pure form of plastic which ant be easily broken. The speaker has a digital LED display Which makes the visual experience the best. . If you want to know the Audionic mh 75 price in Pakistan then visit our website.

More detail

1. USB supported

The Audionic mh 75 is also supported by USB ports which help the user to play anything directly from USB.

2. FM support

It features built-in FM support to enhance your experience of FM radio.



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