A3-8i trolley speaker price in Pakistan

Original price was: ₨30000.00.Current price is: ₨24999.00.

  • Multiple inputs including Bluetooth, AUX line-in, and TF card
  • 6600mAh Battery capacity
  • RMS 8W Power output


The A3-8i trolley speaker price in Pakistan is reasonable according to its feature. It has a long-lasting 6600mAh high-capacity battery.

The A3-8i trolly speaker is used in both output and input for karaoke. It has a long-lasting battery of 6600mAh, which plays for up to 9 to 12 hours. This speaker has a removable microphone. It has a horn tweeter from its horn design; it has loud and clear sounds you can hear from a long distance. The A3-8i trolley speaker price is reasonable on our website.

This speaker can easily connect to your mobiles, laptops, and computers so you can enjoy music in loud sound. It has an 8-inch of woofer speaker, which improve its sound quality. The A3-8i trolly speaker has stable wireless connectivity. Visit the NexGen website to get this trolly speaker. Moreover, the A3-8i trolley speaker price in Pakistan is the lowest to accomplish your demands.

1. Removable Microphone

The A3-8i Trolley Speaker has a removable microphone, and you can put it on the speaker stand.

2. Battery capacity

This speaker has 6600mAh high-capacity battery, which lasts for 9 to 12 hours.

Features of A3-8i Trolly Speaker:

Power output RMS 8W
DC adapter/power supply 5V, 2A
Line In input 250±50mV
Bluetooth input 250±50mFFS
Loudspeakers 8-inch mid-bass + true horn tweeter
Battery 6600mAh


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