Audionic Mehfil MH-817


  • Echo and delay
  • Repeat audio effect
  • BIG HD Sound
  • TWS Connectivity
  • Big Rechargeable Battery
  • 15inches Woofer
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If you are looking for a rechargeable portable speaker, then the Audionic Mehfil MH-817 is the best choice for you. With the echo and delay effect, you will be able to hear a more professional sound of every music you hear. You will also get the repeat audio effect to enhance your iteming experience with every song.

The TWS Connectivity helps the user connect various other devices to help take the most use out of the product. The Audionic Mehfil MH-817 includes a big rechargeable battery. This will allow the users to use the product without needing to charge the battery for a long time. The size of the speaker is 15inches making it very easy to move and take around with you. This means the speakers are convenient and portable.


  • The speakers come with the echo and delay effect. It helps enhance the music listening experience every time.
  • They also come with the repeat audio effect.
  • With the help of TWS connectivity, the users can connect to any Bluetooth device and play music for as long as they would like.
  • The Audionic Mehfil MH-817 comes with a big rechargeable battery that lasts for a long time and is easily recharged at any time you need.
  • The Woofer is 15inches big. This makes it easy to move around and extremely portable.


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