iphone 13 pro top five features

Apple iPhone 13 Pro Top Five Features

The iPhone 13 pro is months away from releasing, but rumors are all-around about Apple’s features in stores for us when this phone releases. Don’t expect significant design changes; only minor changes will be in this 2021 iPhone.


As iPhone 12 has flat sides with a new design so this year, iPhone 13 will likely not change its device because the longer the invention can be reused, the wider the margin Apple can take on its existing models.

Camera bump and notch could be the most noticeable change in this model. It is expected that the bump of the camera will result in a separate bump for each lens, turning it into a single sheet of glass, which will include all the lenses.

We expect that the camera notch will be reduced or eliminated. Apple examines some techniques to hide some True Depth system elements behind the display, but it is very complex.


Like the body design changes, the camera change also transpires after a long time. Maybe the camera design change will not occur and will be similar to iPhone 12.

There would be an ultra wide camera with a brighter f/1.8 lens in this model. This model will have a lower aperture for better performance in dim light. The most likely change will be the better zoom, better sensor size, and powerful LIDAR.


In 2021 the Apple may use the LTPO technology to keep battery life under control. Apple wants to have 120Hz refresh rates in its pro models, but they must be variable to prevent accidental battery drain.

A report states that LG has been tapped to develop the desired LTPO display for the “iPhone 13,” which will go into production by mid-2021. There is also a chance that Apple can bring Apple Pencil functionality to the iPhone.

Cables and Connectors:

There are some speculations that iPhone is shifting to USB-C to have uniform connectors. As Apple introduced the MagSafe feature in iPhone 12, if MagSafe can handle the data and charge in iPhone13, then Car Play and syncing feature to the Mac are also possible. Wireless recovery modes may enable users to recover their iPhone to a Mac through Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.

5G Upgrade:

One of the latest rumors about the iPhone 13 Pro is the 5g modem in the upcoming series. The iPhone 13 may use Qualcomm’s X60 modem, manufactured by 5nm. It will enable the iPhone 13 to aggregate data from mm Wave and sub-6Ghz 5G signal simultaneously.

iPhone 13 pricing:

On the storage options, apple may give its users various choices. You can expect three storage options 64GB, 128GB, and 256GB. The 128GB is $50 expensive than 64GB, and 256GB is $100 expensive than 64GB. Is price has not yet decided, but you can expect its price nearly equal to the previous versions.


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