What to check before buying a used phone

The Ultimate Secret to What to Check Before Buying a Used Phone

When consumers wish to buy high-end smartphones but do not have the significant amount they cost, they often consider purchasing used versions of those gadgets from the original owners. Purchasing a used item can be preferable if you want the most value for your money. Be especially cautious before paying the seller if you’re hoping to get a great price on a used smartphone. What to check before buying a used phone is a fundamental question.

I know many mobile freaks who would want to get their hands on the newest cell phones on the tech market and sell their used phones at low prices, so I do not believe that individuals typically sell their smartphones because they are damaged in some way. But this advice aims to prevent you, the buyer of old mobile phones, from obtaining potentially dangerous and dangerous devices. What to check before buying a used phone is very necessary.

Why Buying a Secondhand Phone is a Smart Choice?

What to check before buying a used phone

Nowadays, purchasing a second hand mobiles in Pakistan makes sense because new smartphones are becoming increasingly expensive. No phone is worth a kidney, am I right? It is always considered a decent deal if you can purchase a great phone with a hefty price tag for a reasonable sum.

You should also consider the PTA’s most recent standards, which state that you must register your phone on an automated system. Many phones are available on the market that are not PTA registered; after you buy them, you must pay taxes.

Here are tips for a used phone buying guide

Here are tips for a used phone buying guide

The first thing you may do is examine the pricing of the new handset because there is no disputing that we all desire a decent handset at the best possible price. Shopkeepers may occasionally mislead you by charging you unexpected fees. When choosing the ideal phone, always examine the market prices offered by the various retailers and then look for the following features:

1. Evidence of Purchase

Evidence of Purchase

Requesting the original box and invoice when buying a used phone is crucial. Information regarding the phone, such as the model number and purchase date, can be found on the box.

2. Verify for physical damage

Checking for physical damage should be one of your first steps when examining a used phone. Verify that the buttons are all present and in good working order and that the screen and body are not cracked.

3. Damaged by water phones

Although water damage isn’t usually apparent right away, there are a few ways to look for it. For instance, if the phone turns on but won’t maintain a charge, the battery may have been harmed by water.

4. You should notice accessories

You will likely need certain accessories if you purchase a second hand mobiles. For instance, a new charger, case, or screen protector might fall under this category.

5. Battery

The battery is essential to every smartphone and frequently suffers the most wear and tear over time. The battery’s condition should be your main priority when purchasing a used smartphone. Higher percentages are preferable when it comes to battery health. Aiming for at least 90% is acceptable, which should offer you good screen time.

6. Touch Test

Touch Test

Next, check whether the screen and physical keys are functional. Ask the seller to press each physical button while watching the response from the smartphone on a live video. Then request that the salesperson show the fundamental smartphone hand gestures of swiping, zooming, and tapping.

The Home or Touch ID buttons on many older smartphones can have issues. So, if you’re buying a phone with physical buttons, ask the seller to demonstrate them and check the device’s response.

7. Camera Test

Camera Test

Not only should the smartphone camera be free of breaks, but it should also function properly. Ask the vendor to take pictures with the used smartphone camera and then show you the image so you can check it out. After that, ask them to snap photos using both the front and back cameras. Then, to verify sure the smartphone camera is still functional, see if the image is clear.

8. Speaker test

Mobile Speaker Test

One of the most crucial things to examine before purchasing a second hand mobiles is speaker damage, which is frequently hidden because it often occurs inside the device.

Which Secondhand Device is the Best for You?

The majority of the time, purchasing a refurbished item is the best option when purchasing a used item. The device will be cheaper than a new one and will have been restored to nearly original condition.


Buying a used phone should be an option if you are concerned about how your purchases affect the environment. What to check before buying a used phone is the main point.

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