A4Tech HS-200 Stereo Gaming Headset


  • Superior Sound Quality
  • Omnidirectional Noise-cancelling Mic.
  • Adjustable Headband
  • Quadrate Ear Cushion



Brand A4tech
Model HS-200
Cable length 2.2m
Hardware connectivity 3.5 mm Jack
Headphone Frequency Response 20 Hz- 20 KHz
Dimension 188mm x 197mm x 70mm

Main description

The A4Tech HS-200 Stereo Gaming Headset is a stellar choice for gamers seeking an immersive audio experience. With its impressive array of features, it’s a top-tier gaming accessory that guarantees both comfort and exceptional sound quality. A4Tech, a well-established brand in the world of gaming peripherals, introduces the HS-200 model to cater to the needs of avid gamers. The 2.2-meter long cable provides ample flexibility, ensuring you have enough room to move around without the constraints of a short cable.

The hardware connectivity of gaming headphones a4tech is via a standard 3.5 mm audio jack, making it compatible with a wide range of gaming platforms, including PC, PlayStation, Xbox, and more. This versatility allows you to enjoy the headset across various gaming devices without the need for additional adapters or converters. The headphone’s frequency response is in the range of 20 Hz to 20 KHz, delivering clear and rich audio quality.

Whether it’s the deep bass in action-packed games or the delicate nuances in music, this headset ensures you won’t miss a beat. You’ll experience every explosion, footstep, and musical note with precision. The A4Tech HS-200 has dimensions of 188mm x 197mm x 70mm, which provides both comfort and design. The headset fits comfortably even during continuous gaming sessions due to its ergonomic design.  You can concentrate on your game because of the comfortable and comfortable touch that the adjustable headband and soft ear cushions offer.

The A4Tech HS-200 Stereo Gaming Headset combines brand reliability, versatility, and outstanding audio performance. With a generous cable length, broad compatibility, and a comfortable design, it’s an excellent choice for any gamer seeking a superior audio experience. Dive into your favorite games with this headset and experience sound like never before. A4tech headphone price in Pakistan is budget friendly you can easily buy.


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