7 High Tech Gadgets to buy this year

7 High Tech Gadgets to buy this year

Out of gazillions of gadgets already out this year, on which should we spend money on? Well, let’s put it
this way; Why not the best and the latest technology?
However, every year countless new gadgets conjure up in the market. So, among the tech crowd in the already-saturated marketplace, selecting the best product is harder than it seems.
Therefore, we have made it easier for you and have erected a list of high-tech products that can prove to be the dream-gadgets for tech geeks.
Let’s have a look at what we have here.

1) Mophie Juice Pack Access

A mobile case that charges up your iPhone while protecting it is something out of a tech-fantasy.
Mophie Juice pack is what we call innovation.
Unlike other similar products, Mophie’s pack outshine them all. It provides a light-mass build with sturdy construction to safeguard your phone against any clumsy fall.
The design is compact enough to keep the style intact. So, you don’t have to give in on appearance to enjoy the long battery timing.
Moreover, it does not cover up the whole circumference providing you access to the lightning port. As a result, you can easily put on your wired EarPods or headphones.
Features: Charges phone while protecting it and providing you access to the lightning port.

2) Bose Frames Audio Sunglasses

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that these frames have proven to be a major upheaval in the headphones industry. Now, you can be a fashion statement listening to your favorite symphonies.
The elegant and smart design focuses all the music on you and others hear nothing. They are available in two designs: Traditional round lenses and Classical angular lenses.
Features: Elegant design, Embedded Bluetooth speakers, Good sound quality.

3) AirBeats A-5

The unique shape of Audionic’s AirBeats not only provides a blending elegance but also High definition
sound capacity.
This Bluetooth headphones, a perfect companion of a long trip, provides an ample amount of sound along with lasting battery timing.
Features: Bluetooth music, Long battery timing.

4) Waverly Ambassador Translator

Behold a technological advancement that has made “Language Barrier” a thing in the past.
Monolingualism has held us back from creating connections with diverse people.
Now, the time is changing and with this translation tool, we don’t have to spend months to learn a foreign language to connect with people.
The device allows you to freely have conversations in foreign languages. It’s fast processing and intelligent language recognition capacity proves it to be very successful.
It’s ideal for people who are moving to a foreign land and knows nothing of their language.
The best thing about this product is that it provides such groundbreaking features in the relatively cheaper range.
Features: High-quality translation, fast processing speed, lasting battery time, portability.

5) Moodo Smart Diffuser Bundle

Get rid of pesky odors by dispensing mind-calming smells. The smart technology of this aroma diffuser has interchangeable diffusers capsules allowing you to set the atmosphere of your choice.
Moreover, it’s portability and remote-control capacity make it a must-have device for your office, home and even for your car. The only thing it requires to get started is a USB power supply.
Features: Aroma diffuser smart technology, portability.

6) Ember 14 oz. Temperature Control Mug

Your morning coffee will no longer run cold. So, take your time sipping while reading your favorite novel
or reading the paper.
The internal heating technology lets your coffee fresh and hot for more than an hour. It saves you the trips to the microwave to repeatedly heat it.
Features: Internal heating, elegant design.

7) Nreal Light Mixed Reality Glasses

If the real world has become boring for you then try Nreal reality glasses that fuse actual and virtual reality together creating a mixed-reality experience.
The comfortable yet ordinary design lets you blend in and enjoy a whole new experience without anyone noticing.
Features: Smart Augmented reality technology, Comfortable, simple design.


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