Best Home Theater System in Pakistan

Best Home Theater System in Pakistan

If you want to experience the cinematic sound at home while watching movie or action series then we have a comprehensive list of the audio systems. In short, you desire to convert your Lounge to home theaters.  These best sound systems have stunning sounds as well as quality specifications. We come up with the Best Home Theater System in Pakistan that are the embodiment of stunning features.

1- Strom ST-970 New 2.1 Wireless Speaker

This is one of the strong audio systems that have good bass that give a boost of audio quality while watching movies at home. Now, you would experience the best playbook sounds during watching movies. A powerful sub-woofer makes it possible. These Strom ST-970 New 2.1 Wireless Speakers are equipped with the latest wireless technology that streams with your android, PC, or laptops. It is the best speaker to give you a theater experience at home.


Brand Space
Model ST-970
Power 60 Watts (30w + 15w x 2)
Woofer 25’’
FM radio Yes
SD card support Yes

The price of the Strom ST-970 New 2.1 Wireless Speaker is 13,800


2- Reborn-109 Home Theater

Quality sound and aesthetic black bar design are what you need if you are planning to shift your resident to a home theater. Reborn-109 is one of the best home theater tools.  This 4.1 home theater speaker is a colorful bar that releases quality bass sound. Its 8’’ Subwoofer is the best source to resonate your home with stunning sounds.  Reborn-109 Home theater speaker is a wireless speaker so you can control the sound playing by sitting at the distance. Not only your desired sounds but also you can enjoy sound live due to built-in FM Radio. Undoubtedly, this 4.1 wireless speaker is designed for quality sound lovers, for you!


Brand Audionic
Model Reborn-109
Color Black
Power 70W + 18W X 2
Sub-woofer 8″ + 3” x 4 Satellite
Frequency 20 Hz – 20 kHz
USB port Yes
FM radio Yes
SD card Yes

The price of Reborn-109 Home Theater is 17,399


3- Audionic AD-7000 Speaker

Audionic multi-media 2.1 channel speakers are what you need to empower your home theater. These are some of the 5 Best Home theaters that are perfect for indoor purposes. It comes up with 5 inches Sub-woofer that gives out superb sounds. Moreover, you can easily run these AD-7000 Speakers with the remote-control system. Now, it is easy to connect these speakers with Bluetooth-enabled devices to enjoy the good sound at home. The feature that makes it the best home theater tool is it’s up to 6 hrs. battery life. Now, play MP3 files directly flash drive and SD Card and make every corner resonant.


Brand Audionic
Model AD-7000
Color Black
Frequency 2.4Ghz~2.48Ghz
Battery 4-6 hours
Bluetooth Yes
Microphone Yes
Output power 10 W + 5W x 2
Sub-woofer 5 inches Satellite: 3 x 2

The price of the Audionic AD-7000 Speaker is 6500


4- Audionic Classic 6 BT

Sometimes the only thing we want is to enjoy the theater scenarios at home with family and friends. Classic 6 BT is the best home theater series that doubles the enjoyment of listeners. It delivers quality sound with its 6.5-inches Sub-woofer Drive Unit. Undoubtedly, this is the best source to provide high-class bass output. The best Audionic Classic 6 BT speakers conveniently work with BT enables devices such as smartphones as well as PCs.  Additionally, the remote-control system proves it one of the Best Home Theater System in Pakistan audio tools. It consumes less power but gives powerful and quality audio output. LED Display enhances the elegancy of the speakers.


Brand Audionic
Drive Unit 2 X (8′ + 6.5 + Tweeter)
Fm Radio Yes
Frequency 60hz – 16khz
Led Display Yes
Power 6000w (P.M.P.O
USB Port Yes
Karaoke Port Yes
Micro Sd Card Yes
Remote Yes

The price of the Audionic Classic 6 BT is 15,900

5- FD 140X 2.1 High Bass Woofer

Undoubtedly, this is one of the Best Home Theater System in Pakistan that have quality audio results. The first impression matters a lot! Its multicolor LED symbols its elegance. Whether you are far corner of the home you would be better able to enjoy the superb bass and beat. Credit for mesmerizing output goes to 2.5-inch full-range driver for satellites and 4-inch bass driver for subwoofer. FD 140X 2.1 High Bass Woofer supports Bluetooth 4.0 that connects to your android, iPhones, and PCs easily. Control the home theater sound system from the distance with help of a remote. It is perfectly designed for your homes at a reasonable cost to lets you experience the same fun at home.


Brand F&D
Model ‎A140X
Speaker Connectivity ‎AUX, USB, RCA, Bluetooth
Wattage ‎37 Watts
Power Source ‎AC
Connector Type ‎Bluetooth, USB
Bluetooth 4.0
Mounting Type ‎Floor Standing
Dimensions ‎29 x 24.8 x 37.7 cm
Item Weight 2.85 Kilograms

The price of FD 140X 2.1 High Bass Woofer is 6,500


All of these speakers are available at NexGen. Home theater price in Pakistan is very reasonable at our site. Here you can also buy the best laptops under 50000 in Pakistan with the free home delivery.

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