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  • Stainless Steel Spinner with Juice Separator
  • Unique Detachable Parts for Easy and Quick Cleaning and Assembling
  • 25-liter glass jar
  • 600 W power consumption


Stylish kitchen appliance 3 in 1 blender price in Pakistan is quite reasonable. This blender comes with a grinder and a juice extractor. Moreover, its powerful power setup drives these machines more efficiently. Sharp stainless-steel blades allow quick grinding and blending. Now, you can extract fresh juices within seconds due to their fast functioning. Besides, the 3-in-1 blender set consumes less power.

Its power consumption is 600 W. Mostly, blenders have complex assembly and are difficult to wash. But this latest blender set is easy to detach and assemble. Additionally, you can easily wash it after you use it. The 1.25-liter holding capacity glass jug is the main component that blends the family mixture. Get 3 in 1 blender for your kitchen use and enjoy the fresh juices every time. Crush, grind and blend items to try new tastes.

Equip your kitchen with a stylish and efficient blender set to bring ease to your kitchen work. 3 in-1 blender price in Pakistan is at the best lowest. You can get this premium kitchen appliance from the NexGen online shop.

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Features of 3 in 1 Blender:

Product 3 in 1 blender
Jar material Glass
Capacity 1.25 lit.
Power 600W


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