Which is better android TV or Google TV

Which is better android TV or Google TV : Making the Right Choice

Are you unsure about which is better Android TV over Google TV? To assist you in selecting the best platform for your requirements, we will compare these TVs in this article. Selecting between Google TV and Android TV can be challenging because they both have comparable characteristics.

Thousands of apps can be stored on either Android TV or Google TV, depending on the amount of storage available on your television. With Google TV’s built-in voice search features, exploring its library is considerably simpler than with just a regular remote control.

Additionally, because of its extensive search capabilities, which let you look through numerous sources at once without having to navigate between separate apps one by one, it can instantly access a greater choice of streaming services than its competitors.

In the case of Android TV, you can use any app that is available through the Google Play Store. This TV includes other things like gaming applications and well-known streaming services like Netflix or Hulu. Due to their similarity and abundance of features, it can be challenging to decide between Google TV and Android TV.

You can choose Which is better android TV or Google TV that is most suitable for you by being aware of and assessing their distinctions. These days, owning an ordinary TV isn’t worth it, especially since smart versions are available for incredibly low rates. But not all smart LED TVs are created equal.

Google tv vs android tv

Here are some important points for you to distinguish Which is better android TV or Google TV. Both smart TVs have some similar features and some different. Now it depends on you which TV would you prefer.

Android tv vs google Chromecast

Both are very popular in the market with some similarities and differences. They can also be used while streaming. With the help of an HDMI port, google Chromecast is simple to connect to any TV. Smooth content sharing and casting between a range of compatible devices is made possible by this functionality.

They also offer additional options for connecting other devices, such as USB and Bluetooth ports. With high-performance processors, RAM, and storage the Android TV is fully functional. But the choice of which to use between both of them depends on you according to your needs.

Multimedia capabilities

Having all of your entertainment, TV channels, and subscription services in one location is the main advantage of this new interface. You may now access available content without having to switch between multiple streaming apps. Multimedia capabilities in Google TV can provide many facilities like streaming, gaming, and compatibility with other smart home devices.

User interface in Android TV

The spectrum of devices that demand a reconsideration of our methods for creating user interfaces and user experiences now includes designing for television. It’s essential to remember and follow Google’s guidance on Android User Interface design standards. Creating an Android TV app enables you to design a streamlined, platform-specific user experience that makes it simpler for viewers to locate, browse, and engage with your content. If you do this, your customers will be more likely to stick with you.

App ecosystem in Google TV

Google’s ecosystem is the best place to be if you want an ideal digital experience. The Google ecosystem’s collection of networked digital goods and services is what has fundamentally altered how we communicate. The Google ecosystem offers many ways to increase productivity, such as syncing your calendars across devices and using Google Docs to collaborate with coworkers. If you want to improve your productivity and organization then the Google ecosystem is a vast and flexible set of web tools that could help.

Display technologies in Android TV

The first thing you have to check while buying any TV is its display. Nowadays technology has made so much progress. Selecting a screen size also heavily depends on resolution, particularly if you intend to purchase a 4K TV. If you are buying a TV for streaming then a larger screen size would be the best choice.

It provides you with a large-screen viewing experience. The 120Hz will provide a noticeably smoother experience than 60Hz, which is still regarded as the old standard. You’ll notice this right away with any kind of entertainment, but with sports and games in particular, it can have the biggest impact.

Similar features of Android TV and Google TV

Similar features of Android TV and Google TVSmart home integration

A wide variety of smart home platforms and devices are compatible with Google TV and Android TV, enabling customers to easily integrate and operate compatible devices like lights, thermostats, and security systems right from their television interface. Users no longer need additional controllers or software to conveniently manage their smart home devices through the TV interface thanks to this integration.

Voice control in smart TVs

Google Assistant-powered voice search is available on both Google TV and Android TV. Voice instructions can be used by users to carry out various tasks. Also to search among all apps, including YouTube and live TV, use your voice remote. Locate just what you’re searching for.

Parental Controls

Internet blockers, web content filtering software, add-on monitoring software, and built-in parental control software are examples of parental controls. The parental control feature is found in both Android TV and Google TV. Parents should think about restricting their own and their children’s screen time to encourage a healthy lifestyle.

By imposing time limitations on the kinds of media that kids may access and how long they can, parental control tools can aid in the establishment of boundaries. It is important to keep an eye on your children.

Differences in hardware between Android TV and Google TV

Differences in hardware between Android TV and Google TV

The Operating system customization in smart TVs is not possible because these TVs are frequently non-modifiable and closed-source. Since Android TV OS is an open operating system, any maker of televisions can develop their own operating software for Android. However, because Google controls how its TV home screen and apps look, there are additional limitations with Google TV.

Although a Google TV screen has its own interface and logo, it is fundamentally powered by the Android TV OS. When it comes to gaming and other demanding tasks, Google TVs can sometimes more stronger than Android TVs due to their higher-quality technology. 

Price difference between Android TV and Google TV

Price difference between Android TV and Google TVWhen comparing devices with similar specifications, the prices of both platforms are fairly competitive. However, there may be some variation based on unique features of a given manufacturer that come with some models, including built-in speakers. In general, Android TVs are less expensive than Google TVs. Furthermore, when making a purchase, it’s wise to compare pricing from different retailers as costs will always differ.


In this above article, we have discussed Which is better android TV or Google TV? The best TV for you to rely on will depend on your preferences, unique requirements, and tastes. Android TV is a good option if you’re searching for a platform with an easy-to-use interface and a wide selection of apps and games. But Google TV is a better option if you’re searching for a platform with a more user-friendly interface and customized recommendations.


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