Transcend 4TB StoreJet 25H3 Portable Hard Drive


  • Rugged
  • Portable
  • Anti-shock protection
  • USB Type-A
  • Lightening fast transfer speed
  • Large capacity
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The Transcend 4TB StoreJet 25H3 hard drive is design with high endurance in mind. The ruggedized case and the anti-slip texture allow you to store and share wherever you go. You get a stylish and trendy storage experience with two color options; blue and purple.

The StoreJet 25H3 features a three-stage protection system that has passed MIL-STD-810G US military transit drop test to fully protect data stored on the drive. The three-stage shock protection system includes a silicone rubber case, an internal shock-absorbing suspension damper, and a reinforced hard casing.

The Transcend 4TB StoreJet 25H3 hard drive utilizes a USB Type-A connector that has undergone 10K plug-and-unplug tests. This means you get extra protection because of its high durability. This hard drive is equips with the USB 3.1 Gen 1 Interface, providing lightning-fast rates of up to 5Gbps.

With up to 4TB of storage capacity, the StoreJet 25H3 is well suited for Mac and Windows users to save high-quality photos and videos, or a large number of documents.


  • This hard drive is rig and extremely portable. It comes with an anti-slip texture, allowing you to carry it wherever you go.
  • It comes in two different colors; purple and blue.
  • You will get excellent anti-shock protection.
  • This drive supports USB Type-A.
  • You will also be getting lightning-fast and transfer speeds.
  • With up to 4TB, you will not need anything else to save your data


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