Tenda W311MA Wireless N150 Mini High Power Antenna


  • Wireless N standard
  • Speed of up to 150Mbps
  • 6x greater wireless range than wireless G products
  • Secure your network with 64/128-bit WEP, WPA, and WPA 2
  • Supports soft AP to extend a wireless network
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Compliant with the wireless N standard, the Tenda W311MA Wireless N150 Mini High-Power Antenna provides a 3 times greater wireless range than a conventional wireless G adapter. In addition to this, it delivers even better wireless reception than any ordinary wireless N adapter due to its high-power design with one 3.5dBi external antenna.

Featuring a soft AP function, the W311Ma can work as an access point. This means when you connect it to a wired network, it easily becomes a WI-FI hotspot for multiple users to access the internet, emails, download or transfer files wirelessly.

The support for WMM provides improved QoS over wireless connections. It also seamlessly works with PSP, Wii, and NDS to connect with Xlink Kai. All of this brings you a better online amazing experience.

The W31Ma is fully compatible with all major operating systems.


  • Tenda W311MA Wireless N150 Mini High-Power Antenna has an interface of USB2.0
  • It includes a 3.5dBi external antenna of 2.5Hz.
  • A WPS button is also available.
  • An LED indicator is available.
  • it easily becomes a WI-FI hotspot
  • It displays a solid color while it is working properly and flashes the light while it is transferring files.
  • The operating mode is infrastructure and Ad-Hoc.


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