TCL LED 43s5200 Smart Android TV


  • LED FHD DTV display
  • 1920*1080
  • 2×8W
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Brand  TCL
Model 43s5200
Size 43 inch
Resolution 1920*1080
HDR 10
Refresh Rate 60Hz
OS Android O
Remote Control Yes
Power Consumptions 75W
Speaker 2x8w

Main description:

The TCL LED 43S5200 Smart Android TV is a feature-rich and advanced television that caters to both tech-savvy customers and entertainment viewers. This TV will revolutionize your home theatre experience with its elegant appearance and outstanding performance. The TCL LED 43S5200’s integration of the Android TV platform is one of its standout characteristics. It means that you can use a variety of streaming services, games, and apps on your TV. For those who enjoy gaming and YouTube, this TV is ideal.

The TCL Android TV 43 inch provides the facilities of Chromecast, FHD Display, Google Assistant, HDR function, and Netflix. A simple, customized living experience offer to customers by TCL through its growing line of AI TV products, which includes the S5200 FHD. You can easily utilize and modify your home screen with Android LED TV due to its user-friendly design. The tcl43s5200 fhd android tv 43-inch screen features Full HD quality for stunning images.

Furthermore, the bright and clear colors TCL’s LED technology produces bring your favorite TV series and films to reality. With the help of Dolby Audio technology, you can enjoy immersive sound quality that enhances the outstanding visual output. This TCL 43-inch smart TV embedd in AI technology and TCL Android TV OS. Furthermore, the TCL 43s5200 smart android tv provides various connectivity options, including USB and HDMI connectors. Connecting Blu-ray players, game consoles, sound bars, and other devices to this TV is a breeze.

Moreover, this television features built-in Wi-Fi, streamlining the setup of your home theater system and eliminating the requirement for tangled wires. Accessing your favorite content with the TV’s well-designed remote control, which has buttons designed for major streaming services, is simple. Vibrant colors are highlighted, contrast is increased, and visual details are enhanced with HDR. Compared to the current TV programming signal standard, it is an improvement.

To provide a much wider brightness range and to raise the peak brightness of items on the screen, the TV panel lights are automatically adjusted and modified using a unique algorithm. Better black levels and contrast are achieved via a novel technology known as micro dimming, which combines hardware and software. The merely improved visual quality will pleasure your eyes and will be a really vivid and striking visual experience, especially at night. Additionally, voice control is available, enabling you to use simple voice commands to change settings or search for content.

The TCL LED 43S5200 Smart Android TV is an excellent addition to any home theater setup. With its exceptional picture quality, impressive audio video features. And integrated Android TV features, it offers a comprehensive solution for all your entertainment requirements. Whether you’re enjoying games with friends or catching the latest movies. This TV provides everything you need to enhance your viewing experience and stay seamlessly connected to the digital realm. If you want to know the tcl 43s5200 price in Pakistan, then visit our website.


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