Spider DSLR Rig


  • Adjustable in Shape
  • Size Adaptable to Shooting Environment
  • Light Weight
  • Multiple 1/4″-20 Accessory Thread-ins.
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Nowadays, all of us creating some content for the internet. Whether for a Youtube channel, film, or video, we all want to capture new and exciting shots for our content. This Spider DSLR Rig is the perfect product to help us capture magnificent clips and images. The Spider Steady can transition from a standard shoulder rig to a low-mode rig with a top handle, depending on whether you need to shoot from your shoulder or low to the ground.

The Spider Steady is adjustable to the shot’s needs. Its ability to fold up into a small size lets you take it with you wherever you go, as it fits neatly into any kit bag. NexGen offers a diverse selection of the most cutting-edge technology available. NexGen offers a diverse assortment of things, including technology and children’s toys, so start browsing today! You may get this right now on the NexGen website.


  • The Spider Steady is a foldable rig that can take many different shapes for many different shot requirements.
  • Whether you need to shoot off of your shoulder or low to the ground, the Spider Steady can transform from a standard shoulder rig to a low-mode rig with a top handle
  • The Spider Steady also features two (2) ¼”-20 female accessory thread-ins that allow you to mount lights and/or a monitor
  • The Spider Steady is adaptable for what the shot requires, and its ability to fold up into a small size allows you to take it anywhere as it easily fits in any kit bag.


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