Space Type-C to Type-C Cable CE-470 PD


  • Output: 3.6A (18W)
  • Material: PVC
  • Cable Length: 100cm
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If you do not purchase a reputed charging cable, it may be of poor quality and easily ruined. This Space TYPE-C TO TYPE-C CABLE CE-470 PD is a great item to have on hand for charging your phones and other electronic devices. It’s also a lightweight wire that you can easily transport in your luggage or automobile. You can easily charge your smartphone by plugging it in whenever you need to. Its durable design ensures that it will not break easily.

All USB-C capable mobile devices and computers are also compatible with the Space TYPE-C TO TYPE-C CABLE CE-470 PD. This implies that it may be used with any device that has a USB-C port, including laptops and smartphones. These can be quite handy in offices and at your homes. Check out the variety of products available for your kitchen at the NexGen website. Get your hands on the very best tech products in the country. NexGen has a plethora of supporting accessories and gadgets to go with your appliances.

Nexgen understands that online shopping in Pakistan comes with its fair share of risks. International products and local convenience come together with Nexgen. Nexgen does not just cater to online shopping in Pakistan but also aims to simplify the way you give back to society. We’re proud to be working with some of the most prestigious organizations in Pakistan across a number of different industries.

Features of CABLE CE-470 PD:

Output: 3.6A (18W)

Material: PVC

Cable Length: 100cm


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