Space RK-847 Portable Wireless Speaker


  • Sound and light that resonates
  • Wireless connectivity
  • Lasting battery
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The Space ROCK RK-847 Portable Wireless Speaker is a speaker with sound quality that resonates. It also has a fusion LED light that flashes in sync with the music, adding aesthetics you did not know was missing. This speaker has wireless connectivity. You will never have to let cords tie you down again.

The Space ROCK RK-847  Portable Wireless Speaker also has a lasting battery. The battery is sufficient enough to last during a long hang out with friends and family. With 3 – 4 hours of charge, the Space ROCK Portable Wireless Speaker will play music for just as long.

There are times when you are in a fantastic place with people you truly love and cherish but there is something missing. It may not seem evident at first but it is the visual and the audio aesthetics that are often missing from such hangouts.

The Bluetooth technology allows the speaker to connect to all of your Bluetooth-enabled devices without effort. However, should there be a need, the Space ROCK RK-847 Portable Wireless Speaker also offers connectivity via USB port, Aux cable, and TF card. In addition, it also connects to FM radio.


  • The Space ROCK  Portable Wireless Speaker has sound and light that resonates.
  • The LED lights included flash in-sync with the music playing.
  • These speakers are wireless, however, can also be connected via a USB port, Aux wire, or a TF card
  • It also has lasting battery life. It takes 3- 4 hours to fully charge the speakers, and then it lasts for just as long.


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