Selfie Ring light Stand in Pakistan


  • Selfie Light: 16.8Cm
  • Shape: Ring
  • Light Color: white, warm yellow
  • Phone Holder:-  The Cell Phone Holder



Shape Ring
Light Color white, warm yellow, Soft light(warm yellow + white)
Phone Holder The Cell Phone Holder of this selfie light is compatible with almost all the smartphones on the market

More Details

A selfie light ring stand is vastly different from your normal light or light installation. A round segment of LED lights assists with limiting shadows and increments the nature of photography by enlightening each point of your face. Ring lights are perfect to use for any event that expects you to be on camera. Whether you need to look great for an internet-based video call or even film a cosmetics instructional exercise. We’re here to discuss the best selfie ring light stand in Pakistan that will assist you with catching the ideal selfie.

From little versatile ring lights that fit onto your telephone to big ring lights that clasp onto a mounting stand, we have a scope of choices for you. This ring light is combined with a selfie ring light stand in pakistan with a cell phone holder stand to be a professional tool for video recording, which is used for live streams, makeup, selfie, portrait, YouTube, and blog video recording. If you have any comments or questions about this product, feel free to contact us.

Pros and cons

Pros Cons
· Great for phone live stream, MakeUP, Selfie, Youtube, Portrait. · It is very lightweight and can tip over easily
· Adjustable stand  
· Adjustable to different brightness  


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