Samsung top load washing machine 13kg – WA13T5260BVURT


    • Powerfull filtration
    • Diamond Drum
    • Wobble Technology
    • Magic Dispenser


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Brand Samsung
Model WA13T5260BVURT
Type Top Load
Control type Digital
Drum material Diamond Drum
Washing capacity 13kg
Net weight 41kg
pulsator 2nd Wobble
Net dimension(H×W×D) 610 x 1075 x 675 mm
Technology Digital invertor Technology

Main description:

Experience the top level of laundry efficiency with the Samsung Top Load Washing Machine 13kg – WA13T5260BVURT. Boasting a substantial washing capacity of 13kg, this top-load machine is designed to effortlessly handle large loads. Making it an ideal choice for families and busy households. One standout feature is the powerful filtration system integrate into the washing machine. This ensures a thorough cleaning performance, removing dirt and stains effectively to leave your clothes fresh and spotless. The innovative Diamond Drum, crafted with precision, adds an extra layer of care to your garments.

Its unique design prevents fabrics from getting caught in the drum, minimizing wear and tear while providing a gentle yet powerful wash. Equipped with Wobble Technology, the Samsung top load washing machine ensures a dynamic and multi-dimensional washing experience. The 2nd Wobble pulsator generates a dynamic, multi-directional washing flow that prevents tangles and knots, preserving the quality of your clothes. This technology not only enhances cleaning performance but also contributes to the longevity of your garments.

Say goodbye to detergent residue and uneven detergent distribution with the Magic Dispenser feature. This intelligent system ensures that detergent is thoroughly dissolve before entering the drum. Promoting an even distribution for optimal cleaning results. The Digital Inverter Technology of  this washing machine adds another layer of sophistication. It enhances energy efficiency, reduces noise. And offers long-lasting performance, making the WA13T5260BVURT a smart and sustainable choice for your home.

In terms of control, the digital interface simplifies process, allowing you to customize your wash cycles with ease. Samsung top load washing machine fully automatic, sleek design, coupled with the net dimensions of 610 x 1075 x 675 mm, ensures that this washing machine seamlessly integrates into your living space. Weighing in at 41kg, it remains stable during operation, providing a reliable and smooth laundry experience. Embrace a new era of laundry care with the Samsung Top Load Washing Machine 13kg – WA13T5260BVURT, where cutting-edge technology meets practical design for exceptional results


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