Samsung front load washing machine – WW90TA046AX/NQ


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Brand Samsung
Model WW90TA046AX/NQ
Type Front  Load
Control type Digital
Drum material Diamond Drum
Washing capacity 9kg
Net weight 65kg
Motor DIT
Net dimension(H×W×D) 600 x 850 x 550 mm
Technology Digital invertor Technology
Spin Speed 1400 rpm

 Main description:

The Samsung front load washing machine – WW90TA046AX/NQ machine is a sophisticated laundry appliance that exemplifies cutting-edge technology and efficiency. Moreover, This model is design to meet the demands of modern households, offering a seamless blend of innovation and user-friendly features. With a generous washing capacity of 9kg, the WW90TA046AX/NQ is well-equip to handle substantial laundry loads. And making it ideal for families with varying washing needs.

Moreover, The front-load design not only contributes to a sleek and modern aesthetic but also allows for easy loading and unloading of clothes, optimizing user convenience. The control interface of this washing machine is digital, providing users with intuitive and precise control over the washing process. The Diamond Drum, a distinctive feature in this model, ensures gentle yet effective cleaning by minimizing fabric abrasion.  This drum material is design to be gentle on clothes and preserving their quality over time.

The motor technology employed in the Samsung front load washing machine 9kg is the Digital Inverter Technology (DIT). Moreover it is known for its energy efficiency and quiet operation. Moreover, This technology not only reduces energy consumption but also contributes to the overall durability and reliability of the appliance. The washing machine’s net weight of 65kg and net dimensions of 600 x 850 x 550 mm make it a compact and space-efficient choice for various laundry spaces.

The 1400 rpm spin speed ensures efficient water extraction, resulting in quicker drying times and more energy-efficient laundry cycles. The WW90TA046AX/NQ is also equipped with Digital Inverter Technology, enhancing its energy efficiency and minimizing operational noise. This technological innovation adjusts the motor’s speed according to the load, optimizing energy consumption and reducing wear and tear on the machine.

The Samsung front load washing machine – WW90TA046AX/NQ combines a robust set of specifications with advanced technology. And it offering users a reliable and efficient solution for their laundry needs. With its thoughtful design and innovative features, Samsung front load washing machine price in Pakistan is budget friendly.


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