Samsung 9kg Top Load Washing Machine – WA90H4200SWURT


  • Wobble Technology
  • Air Turbo
  • Eco Tub Clean
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Brand Samsung
Model WA90H4200SWURT
Type Top Load
Control type Digital
Drum material Diamond Drum
Washing capacity 9kg
Net weight 31kg
pulsator Wobble
Net dimension(H×W×D) 540 x 850 x 560 mm
Technology Digital invertor Technology

Main description:

Introducing the Samsung 9kg Top Load Washing Machine – WA90H4200SWURT, This laundry innovation designed to simplify and enhance your washing experience. This top-load marvel combines a generous 9kg washing capacity. With a host of advanced features to cater to the needs of modern households. The WA90H4200SWURT boasts Wobble Technology, featuring a dynamic pulsator that generates a multidirectional washing flow. This not only ensures a thorough and gentle wash but also prevents clothes from tangling, preserving the quality of your garments.

With a 9kg capacity, this washing machine effortlessly handles larger loads, making it an ideal choice for families. The Air Turbo feature takes the drying process to high level by rapidly rotating the drum to extract more water from your clothes. This results in reduced drying time, providing both time and energy savings. Samsung‘s commitment to sustainability and efficiency is evident in this smart solution. Maintenance is a breeze with the Eco Tub Clean feature, ensuring a clean and hygienic drum. This self-cleaning mechanism removes detergent residue and prevents odors, contributing to the longevity and freshness of your washing machine.

The Diamond Drum design further safeguards your clothes by preventing snags and minimizing wear during each wash cycle. Compact yet powerful, the top loader washing machine 9kg is designed with dimensions of 540 x 850 x 560 mm and a net weight of 31kg, making it a seamless addition to your laundry space. Furthermore the Digital Inverter Technology provided in this model enhances energy efficiency, reduces noise levels, and ensures long-lasting performance.

Operating the machine is a breeze with the digital control interface, allowing you to customize wash cycles with ease. Discover the perfect blend of cutting-edge technology and user-friendly design with the Samsung 9kg Top Load Washing Machine – WA90H4200SWURT, where each wash cycle is a step towards efficiency and convenience in your laundry routine. Top loader washing machine prices are affordable according to its features.


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