Rumblepad Gaming Controller


  • Dual motor technology
  • 2 analog sticks
  • Throttle control
  • Convenient USB interface
  • Programmable buttons
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Are you looking for a high-quality gaming controller, but for a cheaper price? The Rumblepad Gaming Controller allows every gamer a smooth experience for half of its price! It gives a quick response because of its dual-motor technology. This allows the gamers to live the realistic part of every game. The 2 accurate and responsive analog sticks are useful for a steady and amusing experience. Every gamer knows the importance of accuracy in analog sticks. Therefore, the quality of the ones on the Rumblepad Gaming Controller will definitely not disappoint. The throttle control enables the user to freely experience the accelerator pedal and the engine management with playing racing games. Imagine an experience so real!


  • The brand is Rumblepad.
  • Black is the color available.
  • With the dual-motor technology, you can experience maximum vibration feedback. This will allow you to play realistically.
  • 2 analog sticks are attached to the controller making the gadget trendy and comfortable.
  • A convenient USB interface is part of the package too. With this interface, the users are able to perform even from a great distance.
  • An addiction to the programmable buttons allows the enjoyer to function with more options. Every button is specifically made for certain selected programs.

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