Romoss WA 20 Pro 20000 mAh 18W Power Bank

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  • Multi-charge mania.
  • Universal compatibility with all devices
  • 3 USB ports
  • Safe and sound
  • Stylish and light-weight



Brand  Romoss 
Model  WA20 Pro
Battery capacity 2000mah
Input  Micro USB: 5V/2A,9V/2A, 12V/ 1.5A
Output  USB1: 5V/3A,9V/2A, 12V/ 1.5A


USB3: 5V/2.1A

Total output 18W
Charging time  Maximum 6-8 hours
Compatibility  Smartphones, cameras, laptops, tablets, and more
Dimensions  149.5 x 71 x 23.5 mm
Weight  420g

Main description:

The long-lasting Romoss WA 20 Pro 20000 mAh 18W Power Bank is specially designed to keep your device running smoothly on the go. You can travel miles without any stress of running out of the battery. Its 2000mAh battery capacity can charge your devices multiple times. Romoss power bank 20000mah original Power Bank takes only 5.5 hours to fully charge depending upon the data cable. It also has a percentage display that actually shows how much charging is left.

Furthermore, Romoss WA 20 Pro 20000 mAh 18W Power Bank’s best thing is that they have a decent price and extraordinary features, it is compatible with all chargeable devices like smartphones, laptops, tablets, cameras, earphones, and much more. So if you are a traveler or a busy professional then this product suits you the most. Its sleek design and small size and pocket size help you to carry it anywhere with comfort.

Moreover, It has approximately 420 g total weight you can’t feel any burden or weight in your pocket. Romoss power bank 20000mah specs are your gadgets’ battery health, it never overheats, over-volt, over-current, or short-circuits. It provides you with a safe and sound environment for your devices


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