Roleplay doll detail and price

Model No: 339
• Cheerful Music
• Popular Science
• Pretend Pl
• Use for Ages 3+

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This Roleplay doll is the perfect set that includes many things for your little girls as a gift. Firstly, it has a beautiful doll with blonde hair and a gorgeous blue dress which your girls will love. Secondly, it comes with an extensive array of accessories for her closet. The accessories are endless, with a mirror, comb, teddy, and more to choose from.

Your little girls will be spoilt for choice with this large set which includes absolutely everything a doll would need. Moreover, they can play with it for long hours play pretending as they like. Lastly, it is the perfect gift to share with their siblings and friends as well!

Check out more accessories for your kids to accompany their playtime and for them to have fun!

NexGen has a huge variety of children’s toys which you can find on their page. Whatever your child might like they have the perfect solution for it.

NexGen offers the most comprehensive listing of products in the country. Some important features of the Roleplay doll.

Features of Roleplay Doll:

  • Model No: 339
  • Cheerful Music
  • Popular Science
  • Pretend Play
  • Use for Ages 3+

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