Remax K8 Wireless Microphone price in Pakistan


  • Type-C and iPhone Connector
  • Bone Condition
  • High-Power design
  • Lightweight Body
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Durable earphones, and of high quality. An express type with long-lasting capacity is the Remax K8 wireless microphone priced in Pakistan. The lightweight body design creates the stability of wearing at a golden angle. Its movement cannot be thrown off. This wireless microphone makes long-wearing comfortable. High power is designed with a rubber oil ear hook and memory titanium steel. The sound wave is the sound perception system without using in-ear designs. It allows you to enjoy high-quality music without risking ear damage. This Remax k8 wireless microphone price in Pakistan has affordable and gives more leisure entertainment.

More detail about the K8 wireless microphone:

1. Leisure Entertainment

If you are playing games, listening to music, watching movies, and using other apps the immersive experiences that music and games can provide.

2. Exercise and Fitness

Music never stops thanks to the ear-type design, huge capacity battery, and difficult-to-slide-off movement.

3. Safe driving

Driving, outdoor activities, etc. suitable It can dive securely, talk safely, and hear the outside voice all at once.

Detail Specifications

Bluetooth V5.1
Talk Time 10 hours
Type open-ear
Size 138 x 105 x 45 mm
Weight 30 g


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